Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
Pool Rules
All PVYC members and guests must sign in when entering the pool area. Members are
allowed to bring guests only as outlined in the PVYC Rulebook.  Guest fees must  be
paid to the lifeguard as follows:   

Adults and Children:  $5.00
Closing Time
Closing time is intended to be the time the lifeguard physically closes and locks the pool area gate for the night.
Obviously, this means that members who wish to use the changing rooms, get toweled off and gather belongings, etc.
need to do so BEFORE closing time.  That is why our lifeguards give a 30-minute warning as to approaching closing
time each night.  You and your family should be physically out of the pool area enclosure at the stated closing time.  
The time on the clock on the pool-house wall shall be the correct time, unless the lifeguard states otherwise.

We ask that you be mindful and respectful of the fact that our lifeguards are scheduled to leave at closing time and are
looking forward to time with their family and friends after a long day.
Age and Non-swimmers Policies
All children 12 and under who are in the pool area must be accompanied by their parent(s), or by an adult with the
permission of the parent(s).  Non-swimmers are prohibited from entering the deep end of the pool.  The 4 inch wide
black stripe on the walls and bottom of the pool, along with floats across the width of the pool, indicate the separation
between the shallow and deep areas of the pool.  Additionally,  non-swimmers using swim aids must be accompanied
by a parent or guardian who is
in the water with him or her at all times.
Full text of all pool rules can be found on PVYC Rules link.
No Food In the Pool Area
With the exception of the lifeguards, no food is allowed in the PVYC pool area per the Longmeadow Board of Health.
Please be sure that all of your family members and guests are aware of this policy.
Diaper Policy
Diapers of ANY sort or design are NOT allowed in the big pool.  Your child MUST be
reliably toilet trained and out of diapers to use the big pool.
Diapers may be worn in the small pool provided they are properly fit “swimmies” types.
Regular cloth/paper diapers are NOT allowed.